Geneva…we made it!



The group!

The group!

Hello, my name is Rachel and I’m one of the 2014 plunge members from Alexandria, MN.

So far, since arriving on Wednesday, our trip has been pretty amazing. I have enjoyed exploring the city, trying new foods, getting to know my group members, and taking pictures.

It has been interesting to find how many of our group have connections all around. Most of us did not know each other but we have been reminded just how small the Lutheran world is by realizing we know a lot of the same people. It has made us all bond pretty quickly.

Also, as we meander around the city we see people from all walks of life. We have encountered many people this week and had many a discussion with strangers only to realize that we have something in common. I was with a group on the public bus and we met a man who was from South Africa who had been to Duluth, Minnesota. It goes to show that it really is a small world and despite cultural, lingual, and locational differences we are all really the same. Humans trying to make our way in the world and live a meaningful life.

Thus far I have enjoyed a range of interesting foods. The first night I enjoyed a Swiss dish called Rösti. Basically, it is similar to hash browns but so much tastier! I have also had some delicious pizzas that tastes very authentic. I was lucky enough to eat gelato two nights in a row as well as enjoy some of the best coffee I have ever had daily at the hotel continental breakfast. Plus, don’t even get me started on the chocolate. It melts in your mouth and makes you wonder what poorly made chocolate you have been eating all your life. A few of us made a night of fondue at a cute little mom and pop restaurant downtown. It was very rich yet delicious. The owner was our server and she was great in suggesting what drinks we should pair with our cheese fondue.
Tomorrow we say goodbye to Geneva and make our way to Taize for many more new and exciting experiences.

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One Response to Geneva…we made it!

  1. Thenaks for these stories about your trip, Rachel. The food sounds so good I am getting hungry right here in Chicago! Blessings on you and all the travelers on your Plunge!
    Pastor Lanny Westphal, ELCA Global Church Sponsorship

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